Recording Purchase under GST and discount

Recording purchase in tallyprime

Recording Purchase under GST in Tally Prime Purchase of goods or services is one of major event in a business. Purchase can be either on cash or on credit. Many transactions are involved to complete the purchase process can be, items bought, payments made, goods returned, and so on. Tally Prime, enables to record all these … Read more

Learning Account Groups in Tally Prime

Groups in TallyPrime

Account Groups in Tally Prime Account Groups in Tally Prime are collection of ledgers of the similar nature. Account groups are helpful in maintaining and determining the hierarchy of Ledger Accounts. Groups are particularly helpful in creating compliant reports. At the highest level, accounts are classified into Capital or Revenue – and more specifically into … Read more

Charts of Accounts in Tally Prime

Charts of Accounts in TallyPrime

Charts of Accounts in Tally Prime After Installation and activation of TallyPrime license, a new user needs to create a Company to record your business transactions. To Create Company in TallyPrime Create>Company or from the  Gateway of Tally> Select Create Company. Enter the Company Name, Mailing Name, and Address.While Company Name is for reference in the application, Mailing Namewill … Read more

TallyPrime Download and Installation

Tallyprime download and Install

TallyPrime Installation and Download TallyPrime is a all new business management software for SMEs by Tally Solutions. It is a best business management software to manage transactions related to accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, and payroll etc. TallyPrime Installation is as simple as 1,2,3…… Before jumping in to installation, let’s have a look on its features. … Read more